KATS Productions (or Kids from Addlestone Theatre School)

is a Section of Addlestone Community Association,

engaging with youngsters aged 7-17 in a friendly and fun environment, where we strive to develop confidence and self esteem.

We meet on Tuesday evenings 6.30 to 8.30 at the Community Centre during term time, and when not in rehearsals for a production explore aspects of theatre work including music, teamwork, movement, dance, singing, props, set-design, make-up etc.


Being part of ACA (a not-for-profit charity), our fees are just 30 / month, reduced for two siblings.


KATS is led at Addlestone by Yvette Bartlett, assisted by Pauline Attridge, and Alan Bostock

- a committed team with much theatre, stage and musical experience acquired over many years.



KATS Productions is a Section of

Addlestone Community Association

Registered charity: 304962


Yvette Bartlett

Principal & Co-Director

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